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Identifying Treatment Regimens for Patients with Multiple Myeloma

Ajai Chari, MD
Published Online:6:55 PM, Wed March 7, 2018

Ajai Chari, MD, associate professor of medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, advises on the best way to choose treatment regimens for patients with multiple myeloma. Since 9 different drugs have been approved after many phase III trials, a community physician may be overwhelmed by this surplus of options, Chari says.
It is difficult to compare results across trials, Chari says. Each trial will have a different outcome, depending on patient factors, such as age, performance status, and comorbidities, disease factors, including burden of disease, molecular biology of the disease, or treatment issues like toxicity of the drug.
Chari suggests that physicians look at the hazard ratios when considering which drug might be the best option for a patient. Physicians should also look for backbone drugs to which a patient might be refractory. By considering these 2 factors in a patient, it is possible to find the right treatment regimen.
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