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Dr. Maria E. Cabanillas on Reducing Time to Treatment for Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer

Maria E. Cabanillas, MD
Published Online:10:02 PM, Wed March 9, 2016

Maria E. Cabanillas, MD, oncologic endocrinologist, associate professor, MD Anderson Cancer Center, discusses the need for expediency of getting patients with anaplastic thyroid cancer treatment. Cabanillas says her and a team of medical professionals at MD Anderson Cancer Center set a goal of reducing the time between when they are contacted about a patient with anaplastic thyroid cancer, and when the patient is given an appointment time, to fewer than 5 business days.

Cabanillas says she and her team reduced the time from contact to appointment from an original 8 business days to half a day. She adds that in 2012 when this system was not in place, the institution saw about 15 patients with anaplastic thyroid cancer. Over the first year of using the newly-implemented system, that number rose from 15 to 30. Over the past 6 months, she says MD Anderson Cancer Center had an additional 22 patients.
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