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Multidisciplinary Approach Helps Determine Best Setting for Surgery in Metastatic Breast Cancer

Ross Mudgway, BS
Published Online:1:34 PM, Wed June 5, 2019

Ross Mudgway, BS, University of California, Riverside School of Medicine, explains how a multidisciplinary approach as well as open discussions with the patient can help determine the best course of action for patients with metastatic breast cancer.

Mudgway says that at his center, Loma Linda University, the decision and setting for surgery depends not only on the type of breast cancer but also the discussion between the whole oncology team and the patient. The team will consider how it can both improve the disease, as well as the patient’s quality of life.

He notes that the need for surgery also varies depending on how the patient presents. For metastatic disease, the patient is typically started on systemic therapy of either chemotherapy, a hormone therapy, or targeted therapy. Surgery will rely on how they respond. If the patient responds positively, they are then considered for and the team discusses the possibility of surgery, says Mudgway.
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