AON Creates More Community Oncology Practices Offering Personalized Care in Arizona


In Partnership With

American Oncology Network

Shana Wingo, MD, discusses the key goals of the partnership between community oncology practices and American Oncology Network.

Shana Wingo, MD, a gynecology specialist with a subspecialty in gynecology oncology with the American Oncology Network (AON) affiliate Cancer & Blood Specialists of Arizona, discusses the key goals of the partnership between community oncology practices and AON.

The Cancer & Blood Specialists of Arizona is an Arizona-based community oncology practice that opened as a result of a partnership with AON. With the opening of 3 new locations in the Phoenix area, experts aim to create better relationships with their patients and improve on the cancer care they provide.

As the affiliation partnership grows and AON works with more community practices, patients are deriving benefits through gaining personalized care from their providers and by having an increased number of professionals by their side.


0:08 | What we're looking to do is create an environment for patients where they come in, the staff knows them, all of the treatment is clearly laid out, everyone's on the same page. I think that AON has successfully done that throughout the country in many of the community practices. It's trying to streamline and perfect something that's already been done and make it better. With AON, this relationship serves to create better care for patients, as we all are on the same page.

0:45 | I can't understate enough that as we get bigger, as the market grows, as things in medicine get bigger and bigger, what you tend to lose is the personalized touch and feeling connected. That's what we're looking to do. Create an environment and a collaboration with the other oncologists in the network, where we establish tumor boards, and we're working together to help take care of patients. Hopefully this collaboration will not only be within the Phoenix market, but across the board so that we can bring patients better care and the community setting.

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