Applying Molecular Testing Into the Prostate Cancer Space


Adam Weiner, MD, discusses next steps for molecular testing in prostate cancer.

Adam Weiner, MD, urology fellow at the University of California Los Angeles Institute of Urologic Oncology, discusses next steps for molecular testing in prostate cancer.

While sub-classifying based on cell-of-origin has previously been used in the breast cancer space with the 50-gene expression model (formerly known as PAM50), there have been no studies creating a prostate-specific model based on cell-of-origin.

Weiner et al created a study with the purpose of determining whether or not prostate cancer can develop from both basal and luminal prostate cells. Due to positive results reported at the 2022 American Urological Association Annual Meeting, Weiner looks forward to applying these methods in the prostate cancer space down the line.


0:08 | I think what I find exciting about this is the idea comes from a similar signature in breast cancer, the PAM50, or what's formerly known as the PAM50 gene expression signature. That has been used widely and has been very helpful for people treating breast cancer.

0:28 | There is no prostate cancer specific signature based on cell-of-origin, and we have the data to do it. I think this is the perfect project and has the means to accomplish what we're trying to do here. We know it's worked in breast cancer, and it's really helped a lot of providers and patients, and we're excited to apply that to prostate cancer.

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