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Since the start of the Oncology Care Model program in 2016, Florida Cancer Specialists and Research Institute has saved Medicare $140 million.

Since the launch of The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation‘s (CMMI) Oncology Care Model (OCM) in 2016, the Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute, LLC (FCS) has saved Medicare more than $140 million, according to a press release by FCS.

Over the last 6-month performance period, FCS has saved Medicare approximately $31.7 million. In the most recent feedback administered by CMM, FCS’s rate of inpatient hospital admissions was 8% lower than other OCM practices. Additionally, the number of emergency room visits not leading to admission was 21% lower than other practices in the same patient risk quartile.

“Our value-based practice initiatives at FCS are programmatic, intentional and thoughtfully designed to be organized squarely around the patient, yielding consistent results that outpace industry benchmarks and made good on our commitment to prioritize patient outcomes and quality,” stated FCS chief executive officer Nathan H. Walcker in a press release. “I could not be prouder of our entire team and their steadfast commitment to delivering value-based oncology care in communities across our great state of Florida.”

Over 22,000 OCM beneficiaries are cared for by FCS annually. More than 126 oncology practices across the country participate in OCM. As part of CMMI’s OCM program, practices are encouraged to utilize navigation resources, streamline process, and design patient-centered supportive infrastructure. This is meant to optimize both care quality and the patient experience.

The OCM program also scores centers based on the quality of care provided. During each 6-month performance period, FCS has reported on approximately 50 quality metrics. A score of 100% has been achieved by the organization in emergency department visits/inpatient hospital stay, pain assessment, appropriate utilization of hospice, prevention/screening, and patient-reported experience and satisfaction.

“Much of our success within the OCM and our VBC programs is a credit to the re-prioritization of a well-built infrastructure that ensures FCS delivers consistent patient-centric care,” said oresident and managing physician Lucio Gordan, MD in a press release.

Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute ranked among top performing Oncology Practices in the country for quality & cost saving measures. News release. FCS. December 1, 2021. Accessed December 1, 2021. https://bit.ly/3lsrO0q
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