FCS Optimizing Use of Anticancer Drugs to Improve Care for Patients with Blood Disorders

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Research accepted and to be presented at the Leukemia Lymphoma and Myeloma Congress in New York City.

Fort Myers, Fla., October 18, 2023 – A best practice clinical program developed by Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute, LLC (FCS) is ensuring that patients with certain blood disorders achieve maximum clinical benefits from the use of oral medications. Detailed findings of a recent study, conducted by the FCS Real-World Evidence department in partnership with Karyopharm Therapeutics, Inc., will be shared this month at the Leukemia Lymphoma and Myeloma Congress in New York City.

Co-authors include Lucio N. Gordan, MD, FCS President & Managing Physician, and FCS medical oncologists Matthew Fink, MD, David Wenk, MD and Shachar Peles, MD.

Through the use of real-world evidence, the study, entitled “Impact of a Best Practices Program in Patients with Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma Receiving Selinexor,” details how the best practice program designed around specific anticancer drugs can optimize prescribing practices and lead to better disease control and improvements in a patient’s cancer care journey.

Dr. Gordan said, “Our collaborative, multidisciplinary approach is enabling us to keep pace with the rapid development of new classes of anticancer drugs and remain at the forefront to positively impact cancer care outcomes and the overall patient experience.”

The Leukemia Lymphoma and Myeloma Congress is one of the most respected forums for industry-leading hematologic research and clinical case studies. FCS physicians and clinicians will join Industry-leading experts to explore the controversial and complex world of blood cancer through debate, discussion and networking.

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