Schneider Examines Anal Carcinoma Prognosis


Charles J. Schneider, MD, FACP, discusses the overall prognosis of patients with anal carcinoma.

Charles J. Schneider, MD, FACP, a clinical professor of Medicine at the Abramson Cancer Center at Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine, discusses the overall prognosis of patients with anal carcinoma.

Schneider recently gave a presentation on the subject during the NCCN 2022 Annual Conference.

Currently, anal carcinoma is rare and has a low mortality rate. However, the lower incidence of mortality comes after years of increasing mortality in the space, according to Schneider. The incidence increased by roughly 2.7% and the mortality rate increasing by roughly 3.1% year over year.

A preventative strategy for anal carcinoma is the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination, and Schneider explains that as more children are vaccinated, the rates of anal carcinoma and mortality may decrease.


0:07 | The incidence and mortality are rather low. But, despite the cancer being a rare malignancy, both incidence and mortality had been increasing between 1990 up until about the year of 2010. With incidence increasing by about 2.7% per year and mortality by about 3.1% per year. So, hopefully, HPV vaccination in children ages 12 and older will eventually lead to, hopefully a plateau of that rising incidence and mortality, and hopefully a decrease. But that's going to take a while, you know, a decade or longer since the HPV effect takes years on the canal.

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