Tanios Bekaii-Saab, MD: Impeding RAS Mutation Testing

What are some issues that impede widespread adoption of recommended testing for RAS mutations?

A lot of the factors relate to presence of tissue, availability of tissue, presence of adequate tissue, so tissue might be available but it's not adequate enough to allow testing. Logistical, and that's very important. Let's say a patient comes into a clinic at the university and has had their biopsy at their community hospital. By the time they see the oncologist and there's a treatment plan to be decided, the tissue is in a different place. By the time you get the tissue and you get it tested, that's 6 weeks. So logistically it's very challenging and the patients will not wait 4 to 6 weeks before they start their treatment, especially since there's no data that suggests that an EGFR inhibitor is superior to a VEGF inhibitor.

Unresectable Colon Cancer: Case 2

52-year-old woman newly diagnosed with metastatic CRC and is genotyped as part of her initial work up.

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