S. Michelle Shiller, DO, AP/CP, MGP | Authors


Selpercatinib and Pralsetinib for RET Fusion-Positive mNSCLC and Supporting Efficacy Data

January 20, 2023

Dr Piotrowska outlines the RET tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) selpercatinib and pralsetinib, which are available for patients with RET fusion-positive mNSCLC, then Dr Neal follows with a discussion of supporting efficacy data from the LIBRETTO-001 and ARROW trials.

RET Fusion-Positive mNSCLC: Case 2 Presentation and Molecular Testing Strategies

January 20, 2023

Joel Neal, MD, presents a second case of a 67-year-old man with no smoking history who was diagnosed with RET-rearranged mNSCLC, while Michelle Shiller, DO, AP/CP, MGP, touches on molecular testing approaches in patients who are suspected of having a RET alteration.