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ONCAlert | Upfront Therapy for mRCC

Bernie is currently asymptomatic and has a good performance status, which is a very important consideration. Provenge could be used and would likely be well tolerated but would require Bernie to remain home for 4 to 6 weeks to receive the 3 infusions. However, sipuleucel-T may not be widely available even though it does have universal Medicare coverage in the United States.

Abiraterone would likely also be well tolerated but would require low-dose prednisone to be administered and would require blood-test monitoring every 2 weeks for liver function tests (LFTs) during the rest 3 months of use. Enzalutamide may also be well tolerated, does not require concomitant steroids, and does not require blood test monitoring every 2 weeks, but enzalutamide may be more likely to cause Bernie to experience fatigue and it carries a slight risk of seizures.
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