Melanoma (Issue 4) | Special Reports

Unprecedented Response Rates Seen With Ipilimumab Plus Nivolumab in Melanoma

April 23, 2015

Clinical Articles

Results from the phase II, double-blind CheckMate-069 clinical trial showed unprecedented response rates with ipilimumab combined with nivolumab in previously treated patients with metastatic melanoma.

Neoantigens for Personalized Immunotherapy May Boost Melanoma Treatment

April 17, 2015

Clinical Articles

Abnormal driver mutations contribute to tumor progression and have been prime targets for many therapeutic studies in oncology; however, researchers are focusing more and more on the less-studied passenger mutations and their role in tumor progression.

The Role of Macrophages in BRAF Inhibitor Resistance

April 15, 2015

Clinical Articles

Turning their experimental focus on the tumor microenvironment, the authors of a paper published in Clinical Cancer Research have shed light on the role of melanoma-associated tumor macrophages in resistance to BRAF V600E inhibitors.