AON Increases Services to Community Oncology Practice in Arizona

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American Oncology Network

Shana Wingo, MD, discusses the benefits of working with AON as a community oncology practice and for the patients.

Shana Wingo, MD, a gynecology specialist with a subspecialty in gynecology oncology with the American Oncology Network (AON) affiliate Cancer & Blood Specialists of Arizona, discusses the benefits of working with AON as a community oncology practice and for the patients.

The Arizona-based community oncology practice, Cancer & Blood Specialists of Arizona, was opened as a result of a partnership with AON. Three new locations were opened in the Phoenix area with the goal of taking the cancer care they provide to a new level for patients.

Through affiliating with AON, patients can benefit by having more personalized care, being provided with surgical specialists, and easily obtaining chemotherapy and follow-up services. Wingo also hopes that through having these additional services, underserved communities can get more attention and care.


0:08 | We are hoping to bring more services to the patient at their home or in the office that we've been historically unable to do. AON offers in-house laboratory facilities at all locations. Additionally, what we are excited about is their in-house pathologists. What that means for the patient is we're collaborating with the same pathologists on nearly every patient for any biopsies that are done in the office. What ends up happening in that relationship is you have easy access to the doctor who is performing the pathologic evaluation, quick phone calls, or secure messaging.

0:50 | We're also able to ask for specialized testing in an expedited fashion. We actually develop a rapport with other physicians that we’re working with. All of this serves to improve the timely delivery of care to patients. It also allows for us to get back to the patients more quickly, get their treatment ordered and proceed and eases some of the anxiety as we move forward.

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