Closing Thoughts on Recent Data in GI Cancer


Rohit Gosain, MD, and Rahul Gosain, MD, provide a summary of the key gastrointestinal cancer data updates discussed following the 2023 ASCO Annual Meeting.

Rohit Gosain, MD: We just got done with our interview with Dr Beg covering important studies from GI space from ASCO 2023. Are these at all practice changing, is the question?

Rahul Gosain, MD: Our focus has been on practice changing or critically practicing informing studies. But I must say besides PROSPECT, all the other three studies are important, and we might even see the approval for atezolizumab and bevacizumab adjuvant settings for HCC, or for liposomal irinotecan in pancreatic cancer and first-line. But unfortunately, I do not think either of this is moving the needle in a significant way. We really need to do better for our patients with these malignancies.

Rohit Gosain, MD: I agree, it will be important to see the overall survival data for IMbrave, but how Dr Beg mentioned that we might have to rely on RFS or PFS in such complicated pathologies. Furthermore, we saw NORPACT-1 which was in fact a negative study. We did not discuss with Dr Beg, but negative studies do teach us a lot and can be practicing informing as we've seen the case with KEYNOTE-789 in lung cancer as well as CONTACT-03 in renal cell cancer. And also, we saw ATTRACTION-5, which was in fact a negative study where adding nivolumab for gastric cancer in adjuvant settings did not improve recurrence-free survival. We appreciate you joining us. Stay tuned for more clinically relevant studies with us, The Oncology Brothers.

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