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ACCC launched Transforming Complex to Clear, a promotional campaign to raise awareness about our expanding portfolio of precision medicine resources, in November 2021.

In November, ACCC launched a promotional campaign to raise awareness about our expanding portfolio of precision medicine resources, called Transforming Complex to Clear.

From audio and video podcasts to scientific presentations, ACCCBuzz blog posts to live and on-demand webinars, journal articles and effective practice publications to digital tools and more, we’ve produced 160 resources to help transform complex science into clear and actionable education for the cancer team.

How does ACCC produce this essential, timely content? By collaborating with 135 multidisciplinary thought leaders and 10 patient advocacy organizations through our educational programs. We’re grateful for their expertise and commitment to increase access to precision medicine.

Watch this short, animated infographic to explore the many offerings available in our precision medicine library!

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Here's how you and your team can benefit from this content:

Forward this email to your cancer program leadership, clinicians, and administrators. These resources offer more than clinical guidance—they support the infrastructure necessary to integrate precision medicine into everyday practice.

Visit our website for the latest precision medicine resources that match your professional needs and preferred learning styles.

Contact ACCC to learn how to volunteer for an educational Advisory Committee, quality improvement workshop, or serve as a contributor to our journal, blog, or podcast!

Apply for an ACCC Annual Award to share how your program or practice has developed forward-thinking strategies to meet novel challenges in cancer care delivery.

And if you enjoy sharing dynamic content with your peers on social media, these quick links to our posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook will enable you to broaden the impact of our new video and resources.

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