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Preventing and Managing Cytomegalovirus After Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant

January 14, 2023

In an interview with Targeted Oncology, Guenther Koehne, MD, PhD provided a detailed explanation on the impact of cytomegalovirus reactivation post-transplant, cytomegalovirus reactivation prevention, and refractory cytomegalovirus reactivation.

Autologous HSCT Proves Superiority vs KCd Regimen in Multiple Myeloma

January 07, 2023

While upfront transplant showed benefit vs carfilzomib, cyclophosphamide, and dexamethasone in the phase 2 CARDAMON study of patients with multiple myeloma, 57.7% of patients achieved at least a very good partial response with the combination.

Allogeneic SCT Shows Efficacy in TP53+ AML and MDS

December 15, 2022

Melhem M. Solh, MD, discusses results of a study investigating allogeneic stem cell transplant in patients with myelodysplastic syndrome and acute myeloid leukemia with a TP53 mutation, previously presented at the 2022 Transplantation & Cellular Therapy Meetings.

Best Uses of Transplantation for Patients With Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma

November 15, 2022

Randomized studies examining patients with peripheral T-cell lymphoma regarding the role of transplant are lacking and more research is needed to personalize therapy for patients based on subtype, biomarkers, mutational profiling, and radiographic parameters.