February 1, 2021 | Targeted Therapies in Oncology

Despite Limited Treatments, Advances in Frontline HCC and High-Risk RCC Heralded

February 06, 2021

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Delivering the right treatment to the right patient with an eye toward tumor characteristics and gene alterations is at the heart of precision medicine. In this issue, we explore ongoing efforts to achieve precision medicine across disease settings.

NCI-MATCH Trial Explores Tumor-Agnostic Approach

February 03, 2021

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A tumor-agnostic approach in which treatment is developed based on a tumor’s genetic and molecular features without regard to the cancer type or primary tumor location in the body, is the focus of the National Cancer Institute -MATCH trial.

Immunotherapy Combo Use Supported in Mesothelioma

February 01, 2021

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Patient-reported outcomes outcomes from the Check-Mate 743 trial demonstrated improved symptom burden and maintained overall health status with the use of nivolumab/ipilimumab over chemotherapy, in patients with unresectable malignant pleural mesothelioma.