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Despite Limited Treatments, Advances in Frontline HCC and High-Risk RCC Heralded

February 06, 2021

Delivering the right treatment to the right patient with an eye toward tumor characteristics and gene alterations is at the heart of precision medicine. In this issue, we explore ongoing efforts to achieve precision medicine across disease settings.

How Pharmaceutical Innovation Is Saving the World

January 24, 2021

This was the fastest vaccine development program in history, and it’s not even close. David Pride, MD, PhD, a microbiologist at the University of California, San Diego, estimates that vaccines typically take 10 to 15 years to develop. Until the COVID-19 pandemic, the fastest development timeline was 4 years, for the mumps vaccine.

From the Chairman: Moving Forward With Bold Innovation

July 14, 2016

As I write this, the 2016 ASCO conference has just concluded in Chicago. And, as is typical with this event, the amount and level of groundbreaking research and information presented at this year's conference is nothing less than staggering in its scope, innovation, and promise.