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Lisa Astor is the Associate Editorial Director for Targeted Oncology. Astor received her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from New York University.


Adding Veliparib or Pembrolizumab to Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation Not Beneficial for Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer

January 21, 2023

NRG-GI002 helps to provide further total neoadjuvant therapy outcome data from multi-institutional national clinical trials that can benchmark and be used for future locally advanced rectal cancer outcomes, according to Thomas J. George, MD, FACP.

Despite Shortcomings, Key Learnings Gleaned From Phase 3 Trials

January 17, 2023

Several studies with data released or presented in 2022 did not meet the threshold for significance or achieve their primary end points. Although such results are disappointing, takeaways from the trials can be used by the field as a whole to improve clinical trial design and achieve greater success in the future.