Addressing Unmet Needs in Renal Cell Carcinoma


Matthew T. Campbell, MD, discusses the unmet needs for patients with renal cell carcinoma and sarcomatoid dedifferentiation.

Matthew T. Campbell, MD, assistant professor, Department of Genitourinary Medical Oncology, Division of Cancer Medicine, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, discusses the unmet needs for patients with RCC and sarcomatoid dedifferentiation.

According to Campbell, there are many unmet needs in the kidney cancer space in regard to both clear cell and non-clear cell RCC (ccRCC, nccRCC). A retrospective single-institution study conducted by MD Anderson Cancer Center examined 48 patients with RCC, 41 of which had sarcomatoid dedifferentiated ccRCC and 7 had sarcomatoid dedifferentiated nccRCC.

The study revealed that while ICI therapy was effective in patients with sarcomatoid dedifferentiated ccRCC, treating patients with nccRCC remains a challenge. More trials examining this patient population are needed to fully understand and provide patients with the best treatment options.


0:08 | There are a number of unmet needs. Currently, the most exploration has been done in clear cell kidney cancer, which is the most common kidney cancer, but we still have significant unmet needs in patients with non-clear cell kidney cancer. Far fewer trials have been done and far fewer trials are ongoing, and that's a patient population that we need to continue to focus on. We also struggle knowing optimal initial treatment for patients as well as optimal sequence for patients. We still have a tremendous way to go even though we are making substantial improvements.

0:42 | I think sites of disease and disease burden are large challenges. I'm particularly interested in bone metastasis. This is a site of disease that tends to cause a lot of pain and suffering, decreased response to treatment, oftentimes and increased risk of death. We also struggle with patients with extensive liver metastasis in brain metastasis, in addition to patients that are refractory to initial systemic treatment.

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