PERSEUS Trial Design and Overview


Brea C. Lipe, MD explains the trial design and patient population of PERSEUS phase three trial.


Brea C. Lipe, MD reviews the PERSEUS trial conducted by the European Myeloma Network. This trial was a phase three randomized trial of over 700 patients comparing a quadruplet regimen of lenalidomide, bortezomib, dexamethasone, and subcutaneous daratumumab (DARA) to a triplet without daratumumab (VRd) for 28-day cycles. After induction, patients went on to maintenance with lenalidomide and dexamethasone. Notably, patients in the Dara-VRd arm who were MRD negative for 12 consecutive months after 2 years maintenance were able to discontinue treatment. The trial demonstrated improved progression-free and overall survival with Dara-VRd compared to VRd. Recognizing these nuanced design and regimen details is important when interpreting the trial results and determining applicability.

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