Roundtable Roundup April: Renal Cell Carcinoma

Peers & Perspectives in OncologyApril II, 2024
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In separate, live virtual events, Arnab Basu, MD, MPH, and Robert J. Motzer, MD, asked participants which therapy they would choose for a patient with clear cell renal cell carcinoma (RCC) and why they would make that choice.


  • An African American woman aged 59 years presented with a left renal mass.
  • She underwent left radical nephrectomy, which revealed clear cell RCC.
  • Nine months later, she developed nodules in both lungs, mediastinum (35 × 38 mm), and retroperitoneal lymph nodes.
  • Lung biopsy confirmed stage IV RCC with clear cell histology.
  • Karnofsky performance status: 90%
  • Hemoglobin: 11.1 g/dL
  • Corrected calcium, neutrophils, and platelets: within normal limits


A decision was made to initiate systemic therapy. What frontline therapy are you most likely to choose for this patient?

polls-basu and motzer RCC
basu response
Motzer response-RCC
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