Gynecologic Cancers

Innovative Clinical Trial Design Can Unlock Best Outcomes in Ovarian Cancer

June 28, 2020

With multiple treatment options available in the ovarian cancer landscape, experts are now looking for an answer to the challenging question of optimal sequencing.

Fox Chase Receives Research Funding for Cervical Cancer Screening Disparities Among Asian Americans

June 24, 2020

“Cervical cancer screening rates are suboptimal among Asian American women, despite considerable efforts to improve Pap test screening."

Diverse Populations Necessitate Innovative Combinations in Ovarian Cancer

June 20, 2020

“We are starting to see more and more patients with recurrent ovarian cancer, we’re treating them much more aggressively in the up-front setting, and we have to face PARP inhibitor resistance in the future.”

Niraparib Shows Positive Data, Requires Different Dosing in Ovarian Cancer

June 09, 2020

Mansoor R. Mirza, MD, discusses the results of the PRIMA study of niraparib in patients with advanced ovarian cancer and the evaluation of the starting dose in these patients.

Camrelizumab/Apatinib Shows Early Activity in Advanced Cervical Cancer

June 08, 2020

In the treatment landscape for advanced cervical cancer, no approved options exist for patients after first-line treatment. Based on phase 2 data, camrelizumab plus apatinib is showing promise.

Anlotinib Demonstrates Clinical Activity in Recurrent Advanced Cervical Cancer

June 03, 2020

Anlotinib appeared safe with a manageable toxicity profile as treatment of patients with recurrent advanced cervical cancer in a phase 2 study.

Final ANANOVA2 Survival Data Support Niraparib Plus Bevacizumab in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer

May 31, 2020

Mansoor Raza Mirza, MD, discusses the final survival data from the randomized phase 2 NSGO-AVANOVA2/ENGOT-OV24 study, which evaluated the combination or niraparib plus bevacizumab versus niraparib alone in recurrent platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer.

Niraparib/Bevacizumab Combo Supported With New Data From the AVANOVA2 Study

May 30, 2020

Statistically significant improvements in time to second progression or death, or PFS2, was demonstrated in the bevacizumab/niraparib combination, as well as other positive clinical outcomes.

Mirvetuximab Soravtansine Shows Promise in Platinum-Agnostic Ovarian Cancer

May 30, 2020

"In this trial, [mirvetuximab soravtansine] was combined with bevacizumab for a broader segment of recurrent ovarian cancer patients, regardless of platinum status."

Responses to Olaparib/Cediranib Combination in Ovarian Cancer Warrant Further Investigation

May 29, 2020

Despite missing the primary end point of progression-free survival improvement, cediranib and olaparib demonstrated comparable activity with platinum-based chemotherapy in patients with recurrent platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer.