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An update from Allegheny Health Network's Neuroscience Institute.

The discoveries and advances in the neurosciences sometimes even astound us. New medications, surgical treatments, and never-before-seen advances are changing the lives of patients who once felt hopeless.

As you will see on the pages ahead, our team of neurologists and neurosurgeons are continuing this forward momentum of innovation and breakthroughs.

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We feature our AHN Epilepsy Center, which has the highest designation from the National Association of Epilepsy Centers. New medications and innovative surgeries are providing hope that patients with epilepsy may achieve a remission, even if they have suffered from seizures for most of their lives. Neurosurgeon Dr. Alex Whiting is leading the neurosurgery department’s efforts to incorporate robotic and stimulation technology toward the treatment of epilepsy.

You will read an inspirational story of a teacher who read to her fourth-grade students virtually the evening after her brain tumor was removed by Dr. Matthew Shepard. He’s among a group of AHN neurosurgeons who specialize in removing cancerous and benign tumors of the brain, skull, and spine, even the most aggressive forms of the disease.

We also report on the exciting progress of neurologist Dr. George Small, who has introduced a novel and promising immunomodulatory treatment for myasthenia gravis. This recently FDA-approved injection treatment, Vyvgart, has helped to improve muscle weakness without the side effects of other immunosuppressants.

Finally, we are thrilled to announce that AHN is one of the few sites in the world participating in a phase 3 clinical trial of treating Alzheimer’s disease with deep brain stimulation (DBS). Based on years of work, it will test the hypothesis that DBS will slow cognitive decline in patients over 65 years old with mild probable Alzheimer’s.

Our specialists are eager and would be pleased to care for your patients with neurological issues, provide a second opinion, or inform them of opportunities to participate in clinical studies.

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