Evolving Paradigms in Bladder Cancer: Conclusion

Evolving ParadigmsBladder Cancer
Volume 1
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Bladder cancer affects thousands of people in the United States.

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Bladder cancer affects thousands of people in the United States. While treatable, many bladder cancers recur and require additional procedures and/or treatment regimens. There are many clinical trials focused on improving treatment options for bladder cancer patients, and particular emphasis is being placed upon discovering treatments for patients with recurrent bladder cancer. While no new treatments have been approved for bladder cancer in over 10 years, molecular profiling of tumors, which has proven beneficial for improving treatment strategies in several different tumor types, is likely to unveil novel biomarkers that may be targeted in bladder cancer patients. Several clinical trials are currently in progress to identify biomarkers for the detection of bladder cancer and the likelihood of disease recurrence.117-120The results of these studies, as well as those of ongoing therapeutic clinical trials, are eagerly anticipated by physicians and patients alike and will hopefully advance bladder cancer therapeutics and patient outcomes.

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