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Three members of the Senior Management Team have been promoted at the Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute.

Fort Myers, Fla., January 9, 2023 – Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute, LLC (FCS) has announced the promotion of three members of its Senior Management Team. Trevor Heritage, PhD has been promoted to Senior Vice President & Data Officer; Sherry Lark has been promoted to Senior Vice President, Human Resources; and John Mills has been promoted to Senior Vice President, Pharmacy Services & Chief of Staff.

As Senior Vice President & Data Officer, Trevor will be responsible for ensuring that patients and practice maximize the benefit of data by driving FCS digital innovation strategies. He will lead initiatives to establish improved utilization of data to enhance precision medicine, clinical decision support, value-based care and quality improvement, as well as data initiatives for research, real-world evidence and clinical trials.

Trevor joined FCS in December of 2020 as Vice President, Informatics. With over 30 years of experience, he has a rich history in leading digital innovation initiatives, most notably with next-generation sequencing and genomics, and developing strategic informatics-based partnerships.

Read Trevor’s full bio: https://flcancer.com/staff/trevor-heritage/.

“In an organization as complex as Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute, it is necessary to ensure the proper management and distribution of the data from all sources. Trevor’s combined expertise in data technology, research, value-based care and healthcare, in general, have been extremely valuable to our organization,” remarked Chief Information Officer Ken Sturtz.

In her elevated role as Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Sherry will lead the development and deployment of innovative HR programs, addressing the unique needs of our rapidly growing, state-wide practice, and will be responsible for enriching all functions of Human Resources. Additional initiatives will include the creation of a strong employer brand through talent acquisition and development and building a strategy to attract and acquire the best talent in the market.

Sherry joined FCS in May of 2022 as Vice President, Human Resources, bringing over 20 years of healthcare compensation and HR experience in physician, financial and nuclear engineering services. Under her leadership at FCS, she has led efforts to realign resources and team members to address the needs across the organization.

Read Sherry’s full bio: https://flcancer.com/staff/sherry-lark/.

“Ensuring that our teammates feel valued and properly compensated in their work is critical to achieving the strategic goals to successfully carry us well into the future. In less than a year, Sherry has established processes and built teams to address how we continue to attract, develop and retain the best our business has to offer,” says FCS Chief Executive Officer Nathan Walcker. “She will continue to be instrumental as our practice grows geographically, in patient volume, and in the services we provide.”

John Mills has been promoted to Senior Vice President & Chief of Staff. He will continue to uphold his responsibilities in the daily oversight of all pharmacy services for Rx to Go, the practice’s oral oncolytic specialty pharmacy, while supporting the continued growth of pharmacy operations. As Chief of Staff, John’s role will expand to serve as an advisor and strategic partner to Chief Executive Officer Nathan H. Walcker by developing productive partnerships across the organization and augmenting communication and collaboration between departments.

“I look forward to having John step into this principal role. His previous experience and evolving responsibilities within FCS have proven that he has a distinct aptitude for bringing multiple players together to drive strategies toward achieving the desired goal,” says Walcker.

In April 2019, John joined FCS as Director of Payer Relations and Business Strategy, implementing strategies to ensure organizational effectiveness, and was later promoted to Vice President, Pharmacy Services. Historically, he has been influential in strengthening payer relationships and eliminating delays in treatment to benefit patient access to care. John has over 25 years of experience in business development roles, primarily in specialty pharmacy and home infusion.

Read John’s full bio: https://flcancer.com/staff/john-mills/.


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