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Two-Year Follow-Up Results from KEYNOTE-045 Study in Urothelial Carcinoma

March 05, 2018

Joaquim Bellmunt, MD, PhD, a medical oncologist at the Bladder Cancer Center at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, discusses the updated results of the phase III KEYNOTE-045 trial after 2 years of follow-up. These updated results confirmed the primary findings of the study, which compared pembrolizumab (Keytruda) with investigator's choice of chemotherapy in patients with recurrent, advanced urothelial carcinoma.

Impact of the KEYNOTE-045 Study Comparing Pembrolizumab and Chemotherapy in Bladder Cancer

November 17, 2016

Joaquim Bellmunt, MD, PhD, attending physician of Solid Tumor Oncology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, discusses the impact of the phase III KEYNOTE-045 study, which compared second- or third-line pembrolizumab with investigator-choice chemotherapy as a treatment for patients with metastatic or locally advanced, unresectable urothelial carcinoma. All patients in the study had recurred or progressed following platinum-based chemotherapy.