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GRIFFIN Follow-Up Shows Promising Responses With Daratumumab plus VRD

December 10, 2019

Updated results of the GRIFFIN trial revealed that the addition of daratumumab to a standard-of-care regimen used in the treatment of newly diagnosed multiple myeloma met the trials primary end point of higher rates of stringent complete response in patients who are eligible for transplant.

Patients With Rare Gene Fusion NRG1 Respond to Afatinib in NSCLC

October 14, 2019

Four patients with lung adenocarcinoma with NRG1 fusions demonstrated some degree of response or tumor stabilization when given afatinib, according to a poster presentation at the 2019 World Conference on Lung Cancer meeting. The findings suggest that the irreversible pan-ERBB inhibitor is a potential treatment in this rare mutation of lung adenocarcinoma.

Expert Reports Mixed Results in Interim Analysis for Multiarm NSCLC Trial

October 11, 2019

Findings from an interim analysis of the National Lung Matrix Trial, a large, multiarm trial involving patients with non–small cell lung cancer, demonstrated both promising activity and shortcomings in predefined goals in a presentation at the 2019 World Conference on Lung Cancer.

Significant Increases in Mortality Are Observed With Thrombotic Microangiopathy

March 15, 2019

In a review of over 300 hematopoietic cell transplantation cases, thrombotic microangiopathy occurred in as many as 36% of patients and significantly raised the risk of related death, according to findings reported at the 2019 Transplantation and Cellular Therapy Meetings.

New Approvals in 2018 Change NCCN Guidelines for Hematologic Malignancies

December 06, 2018

Recent FDA drug approvals in hematologic malignancies have changed the treatment paradigm of many diseases and resulted in necessary updates to the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology.