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NGS Testing Necessary for Treatment of Lung Adenocarcinoma

September 17, 2019

Timothy F. Burns, MD, PhD, discusses the necessary role of next-generation sequencing testing in patients with lung adenocarcinoma. In order to incorporate this into clinical practice, there is still a lot more work to be done, Burns says. Around 20% to 25% of patients with adenocarcinoma have targetable alterations.

In-House Molecular Profiling Becomes Increasingly Important for Lung Cancers

June 13, 2019

Timothy F. Burns, MD, PhD, discusses the value of conducting next-generation sequencing in-house for patients with lung cancer compared with sending out to an external laboratory for molecular profiling results. Burns says he conducts NGS testing on all patients with metastatic and nonsquamous lung cancers. This includes patients that are both smokers and non-smokers.