Case-Based Roundtable Meeting Spotlight October 2 2021 | Case-Based Roundtable Meetings Spotlight

Garcia Discusses Sequencing and the CARD Trial in Patients With CRPC

October 16, 2021

Clinical Articles

After 8 months on enzalutamide, a patient with castration-resistant prostate cancer had a PSA level of 60.7 ng/mL. The abdominal/pelvic CT showed enlargement of known pelvic lymph nodes, and a bone scan showed progressive disease.

Roundtable Discussion: Udhrain Discusses Treatment Management in Patients With Extensive-Stage SCLC

October 15, 2021

Clinical Articles

In a 73-year-old patient, a PET scan revealed activity in the left upper lobe mass, supraclavicular nodal areas, and liver lesions, and an MRI discovered 1 small asymptomatic brain lesion. This lead to a diagnosis of stage T3N3M1-IV extensive-stage small cell lung cancer.