The Current Field of Graft Versus Host Disease - Episode 8

Future Directions for GVHD

Closing out the program, Robert Zeiser, MD, shares what he is looking forward to in the field of graft-vs-host-disease.

Robert Zeiser, MD: After 4 decades of testing multiple approaches, we have now 3 approved drugs, which are ibrutinib, belumosudil, and ruxolitinib that were approved by the FDA for chronic graft-vs-host-disease [cGVHD] in the past 4 years, and ruxolitinib is also approved by the EMA [European Medicines Agency] for steroid refractory cGVHD. These developments are exciting, but there is still room for improvement. Oher exciting developments include regenerative approaches that are not immunosuppressive but rather target the regeneration, for example, of the damaged intestinal tract and what is also important is a better understanding of potential biomarkers and the involvement of the nonclassical GVHD.

Transcript edited for clarity.