A 59-Year-Old Man With Extensive-Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer - Episode 5

Use of Lurbinectedin-Doxorubicin Combination in Relapsed SCLC

An expert oncologist, Hossein Borghaei, DO considers safety and efficacy data from the ATLANTIS study of lurbinectedin in combination with doxorubicin in relapsed/refractory small-cell lung cancer.

Hossein Borghaei, DO: In ATLANTIS, which was a randomized trial, patients received lurbinectedin at a different dose from what we discussed, so not the 3.2 mg. This was a 2-mg dose, in combination with doxorubicin in relapsed small cell. Now doxorubicin might sound like an odd choice for patients with small cell, but based on preclinical data and earlier data, that combination was taken to a phase 3trial.Based on the press release, we know that the primary end point wasn’t met.

We’re hoping that the study will be presented at 1 of the major meetings and therefore will get to dive into the details of the study to see what exactly was going on, including the adverse effects and why the study didn’t meet its primary end point.

Transcript edited for clarity.