Are Combinations the Answer in Metastatic RCC? - Episode 5

What’s Next for Advanced RCC?

A look toward the future treatment of advanced renal cell carcinoma.

Robert J. Motzer, MD: There’s always a need for novel agents in renal cell cancer and other malignancies. For the most part, the drugs we use are all based on either TKIs [tyrosine kinase inhibitors] or I/O [immuno-oncology] therapies—M2s in certain instances— so we’re looking for a new mechanism of action. The novel compound that I see as the most promising, that’s coming down the pike, is the new HIF inhibitor, MK-6482. That has shown activity in heavily pretreated patients. It looks to be relatively well tolerated. It’s being compared with everolimus in heavily pretreated patients. MK-6482 is also being studied in combination. There’s a large phase 3 trial that we’re initiating that compares lenvatinib plus MK-6482 with cabozantinib in second- or third-line therapy, in patients who have had prior immunotherapy and progressed. This is an area of unmet need because the landscape has changed so rapidly. We need to better identify the best therapies for patients who progressed on I/O therapy, and a good candidate for that will be MK-6482.

Transcript edited for clarity.