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Exploring Immunotherapy in Brain Cancer

W.K. Alfred Yung, MD
Published Online:5:02 PM, Mon July 9, 2018

W. K. Alfred Yung, MD, a professor of Neuro-oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center, discusses the future of immuno-oncology in the treatment landscape of brain cancer. 

Yung says it is exciting to see the rise of immunotherapies and what has been achieved in areas such as melanoma, lung cancer, and bladder cancer. He hopes to see the same amount of success with brain tumors, but this area is just beginning to be explored.

Already, we know that the tumor and its microenvironment in brain cancer is much different and more suppressive than in melanoma or lung cancer. Yung says we must find a way to overcome this issue with immunotherapies, but he is optimistic for what is to come in immuno-oncology.
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