HER2-Positive Breast Cancer

Abemaciclib Triplet Improve PFS in HR+, HER+ Advanced Breast Cancer

June 10, 2020

"The endocrine combination of abemaciclib plus fulvestrant and trastuzumab showed significant improvements in both progression-free survival and overall response compared with chemotherapy plus trastuzumab and was generally well-tolerated."

HER2 FISH Ratio May Predict Anti-HER2 Response Without Chemo in HER2+ Breast Cancer

June 10, 2020

“While the sample size and power are limited, these results suggest that a higher HER2 FISH ratio at baseline core biopsy may be a potential biomarker to select patients for neoadjuvant dual anti-HER2 therapy without chemotherapy."

PFS Data Support Approval of Fam-Trastuzumab Deruxtecan-nxki for HER2+ Breast Cancer

June 01, 2020

Yeon Hee Park, MD, discusses the data supporting the FDA’s accelerated approval of fam-trastuzumab deruxtecan-nxki for the treatment of adult patients with unresectable or metastatic HER2-positive breast cancer who have received ≥2 prior anti–HER2-based regimens in the metastatic setting.

Pyrotinib/Capecitabine Boosts PFS in HER2+ Metastatic Breast Cancer

May 31, 2020

"The overall response rate and progression-free survival were significantly improved with pyrotinib plus capecitabine."

Significant Delay in CNS Progression Achieved With Tucatinib Triplet in HER2+ Metastatic Breast Cancer

May 29, 2020

The addition of tucatinib to treatment with trastuzumab and capecitabine resulted in more than a 60% reduction in the risk of central nervous system progression or death in both patients with previously treated HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer who have active or stable brain metastases.

FDA Cancels ODAC Meeting for BLA of Margetuximab in HER2+ Breast Cancer

May 28, 2020

"Since submitting the BLA for margetuximab, we have worked collaboratively with the FDA to answer the Agency’s questions as they arise. We will continue to work closely with the Agency to potentially bring margetuximab as a treatment option to patients with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer."

Activity With Tucatinib Across the Blood-Brain Barrier Presents a Vital Option in HER2+ Breast Cancer

May 19, 2020

In an interview with Targeted Oncology, Rashmi Murthy, MD, discussed the final results from the HER2CLIMB study and the future of tucatinib as it makes its way to the community setting as treatment of advanced HER2--positive breast cancer.

Pertuzumab Added to Trastuzumab and Chemotherapy Improves Survival in HER2+ Breast Cancer

May 09, 2020

"HER2-targeted therapy has changed the natural history of HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer, with the dual blockade of pertuzumab and trastuzumab, with docetaxel, demonstrating an 8-year landmark overall survival rate of 37%."

TCbHP/T-DM1+P Sequence Shows Promise in HER2+ Primary Breast Cancer

May 04, 2020

A new phase II trial showed higher pathological complete response rates in patients with HER2-positive breast cancer who took docetaxel, carboplatin, trastuzumab, and pertuzumab followed by trastuzumab emtansine, and pertuzumab, versus those who took only the former therapy.

Survival Improved With the Addition of Chemotherapy for Small HER2-Positive Breast Cancer

April 23, 2020

"We know that, in general, patients with this particular subset of hormone-receptor-positive breast cancers should get chemotherapy, but all the studies showing the benefits of chemotherapy included patients with large cancers."