Mantle Cell Lymphoma

BTK Inhibitors Demonstrate Efficacy in Mantle Cell Lymphoma

March 18, 2020

Andre Goy, MD, discusses the current treatments, specifically Bruton’s tyrosine kinase, for patients with mantle cell lymphoma and what the efficacy has been with this type of treatment.

BTK Inhibitors Transform Treatment Landscape for Mantle Cell Lymphoma

March 18, 2020

In an interview with Targeted Oncology, Andre Goy, MD, discussed the evolving role of Bruton’s tyrosine kinase inhibitors for the treatment of patients with mantle cell lymphoma, as well as where this field is headed based on ongoing clinical trials in this space.

FDA Partially Halts Phase I Study of ACTR707 in Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

March 12, 2020

The FDA has placed a partial clinical hold on the phase I trial of ACTR707 in combination with rituximab in patients with relapsed/refractory B-cell lymphoma from Unum Therapeutics, following the submission of a safety report from the company. The FDA notified Unum of the hold verbally on March 4. Unum Therapeutics acknowledged the partial clinical hold in filings with the Securities and Exchange commission.

Cirmtuzumab/Ibrutinib Combo Achieves 50% CR Rate in R/R MCL Cohort

March 12, 2020

Cirmtuzumab in combination with ibrutinib induced a clinical benefit rate of 100% in a small cohort of patients with relapsed or refractory mantle cell lymphoma, according to interim results of the phase I/II CIRLL trial.

Managing Known CAR T-Cell Toxicities With KTE-X19

March 09, 2020

David Miklos, MD, PhD, describes the toxicity profile of KTE-X19, a chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy, in the ZUMA-2 trial.

Despite Benefits of Stem Cell Transplant in MCL, Best Practices Remain Elusive

March 04, 2020

Both autologous stem cell transplant and allogeneic stem cell transplant can be used as consolidation therapy in patients with mantle cell lymphoma, according to results from a single-center analysis, presented in a poster at the 2020 Transplantation & Cellular Therapy Meetings. However, the benefit of alloSCT is offset by an increased risk of transplant-related mortality and the development of graft-versus-host-disease.

Careful Data Review Recommended for Upfront Treatment Selection in iNHL

February 29, 2020

To enhance outcomes for patients with indolent non-Hodgkin lymphoma, an in-depth review of the available data is required. As a start, Sonali M. Smith, MD, University of Chicago Medicine, reviewed the clinical trial findings that are currently informing treatment selection in the frontline iNHL paradigm, at 24th Annual International Congress on Hematologic Malignancies.

Bendamustine Plus Rituximab Demonstrates Efficacy as Induction Therapy in MCL

February 26, 2020

In an interview with Targeted Oncology at the 2019 ASH Annual Meeting, Diego Villa, MD, MPH, discussed the benefit of bendamustine plus rituximab versus R-CHOP in transplant-eligible and -ineligible patients with mantle cell lymphoma.

Real-World Analysis Explores Current Role of Acalabrutinib in MCL

February 25, 2020

In an interview with Targeted Oncology, Kellie Ryan, MPH, discussed the data on how physicians are currently using acalabrutinib as treatment of patients with mantle cell lymphoma in the real-world setting. She highlighted where she sees this research evolving in time.

Early AE Management With Corticosteroids Has Potential to Reduce Rates and Severity of Toxicity With Axi-Cel

February 22, 2020

Evaluation of an expansion cohort of the pivotal phase I/II ZUMA-1 trial in patients with refractory large B-cell lymphoma revealed that early steroid intervention may have a positive impact on the toxicity profile of chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy with axicabtagene ciloleucel, according to findings presented during a poster session at the 2020 Transplantation & Cellular Therapy Meetings in Orlando, Florida.