Mantle Cell Lymphoma | Clinical

BTKi-Containing Triplet Active in Relapsed/Untreated Mantle Cell Lymphoma

November 23, 2020

Results from the study were published in Blood and showed that obinutuzumab plus ibrutinib and venetoclax as treatment of patients with relapsed and untreated mantle cell lymphoma achieved high response rates with favorable tolerability.

Exploring First-line Therapies in Peripheral T-Cell Lymphomas

November 23, 2020

During the Targeted Oncology Case Based Peer Perspectives event, Javier L. Munoz, MD, Hematologist/Oncologist Director, Lymphoma Program Mayo Clinic, discussed the case of 60-year-old patient with peripheral T-cell lymphoma.

High-Risk MCL Population Represents Unmet Need in Treatment Landscape

October 28, 2020

The treatment landscape of mantle cell lymphoma has been enriched with the development of several targeted therapies, but patients considered to have high-risk disease tend to have a worse prognosis, despite the latest development in the field.